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Solid Multi-Color Black Opal Gem Sterling Silver Pendant (MICK'S)

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Solid Semi Black Opal Sterling Silver (925) Pendant.

This pendant is more beautiful than it appears on the images!

Gorgeous solid semi-black opal (Lightning Ridge opal!) set into a beautiful hand made sterling silver pendant. The opal is a 1.30ct solid semi-black opal, very bright, 4 out of 5 in brightness. It's N6 in body tone! Looks great under any light! The pendant is hand made from sterling silver (925), contains 4 small diamonds! The pendant weighs 1.70 gram.  It measures 14 x 15.5 mm.

This solid black opal pendant is absolutely gorgeous.


I only sell solid(natural) black and crystal opals from Lightning Ridge.

* Body tone is N4-N5 Black.
* Brightness is 4 out of 5.
* The size of the stone is 8 x 6 mm.
* Thickness of the stone is 2.5 mm. Slightly domed.
* The weight of the stone is 0.75 ct.

* The weight of the pendant is 1.20 gram Sterling Silver (925).

* Measurements: 19 x 9 mm (including bail).
Note: 1 Inch equals 25.4 Millimeters

Retail Value: $700

Don't miss out on this truly beautiful solid semi black opal pendant! BUY WITH CONFIDENCE! I HAVE 100% POSITIVE FEEDBACK RATING. I am an honest seller. Just read my feedbacks. 

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Buying hint: Always read item descriptions of other seller's opals carefully as people call everything Black Opal (including: triplets, doublets, synthetic opals, treated Coober Pedy Matrix Opals etc). Only natural, solid, earth mined Opals can be called Black Opals, the above mentioned types of opals are not Black Opals, they are what they're called. Me and a select few opal sellers on eBay, who are honest, sell the genuine material and are passionate about what we do, get really annoyed by the scores of sellers who mislead the public by selling 'junk' under the term 'Black Opal' and list these items in the same category with natural opals. So, our category (opal, solid) gets cluttered with rubbish listings making it difficult for people to find the genuine items. A $30 triplet opal that is called 'black opal' by these sellers is lightyears away in quality and price from a genuine black opal (they can't even be mentioned under the same page), even if the black opal is just a low quality stone.

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